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Atchafalaya Foundation Repair Services

Top quality workmanship and a dedication our our customers, are the main components of our business logic here at AFR. We strive to out-perform our competitors and to reward the fine folks who allows us to serve them with exceptional value.

Our services:

Foundation Repair

Here in Louisiana, our soil composition is frequently a cause for foundation failures, which leads to cracked walls, jammed doorways and other structural problems.

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Mud Jacking & Slab Leveling

Slabs, driveways and walkways often become unsafe because plates get out of line due to substrate failure, moisture or roots. We make them good as new!

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Pier & Beam Repairs

Many homes in our area were built on cement piers with wooden beams. We specialize in replacing and restoring failed piers and damaged beams.

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House Leveling

Our team of craftsmen can inspect and level homes to preserve their value and safety for many years to come. A professional service that's very affordable!

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Root Moisture Barriers

In Louisiana, we love our trees! Unfortunately, the beauty and shade they provide means their roots can travel below our homes, creating problems.

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