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Slab Foundation Repair in Crowley & Lafayette, LA

Atchafalaya Foundation Repair, LLC, offers free estimates to find out where the slab foundation has cracked or is failing.

Checklist to determine if you have foundation issues:

  • Random cracks in bricks are common, but you need to call your foundation repair expert if you see cracks that look like stair steps. Especially if these cracks travel down to the foundation.
  • You can find signs of foundation problems by looking at corners of your house where the brick meets the eave. It is important to look closely at this area because it is often caulked or painted and may be hard to tell if there is a problem. When looking at these areas, search for signs of separation or holes.
  • A common area for issues would be around windows and doors. One sign to look for would be wrinkled wall paper.
  • Look at the way your doors are closing. You can tell if you may have a foundation problem if the doors are either sticking or dragging on the floor.
  • If you see a crack through your floor covering; you may very well have a foundation problem.
  • Sometimes a sloping floor can be slight and noticed just by placing a ball on your floor and seeing if it rolls.

Remember that Atchafalaya Foundation Repair, LLC offers FREE estimates! Call if you suspect a foundation problem in your home and we will preform an analysis and give you a free written estimate!

Slab Foundation Before & After